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                                                   EMAIL ADVISORY

Please be advised that Linganore Counseling email is not secure. While password protected, our email is not encrypted, and is not HIPAA compliant. Transmitting private health information by email is discouraged, as it could put patients at risk for having their information comprised by hacking or other malicious activity.

We do offer more secure and HIPAA compliant ways to communicate and transmit private health information. Our phone and fax system is by landline. Therefore phone messages and faxes to our staff are HIPAA compliant and are considered to be very secure. 

We have a client scheduler through a company called Yellow Scheduler that sends appointment reminder texts. This is a secure and HIPAA compliant way to send brief text messages as needed. 

If you are running late for an appointment or need to talk to someone in person, an office staff member can be reached at  301-865-2226 (302) Monday through Friday, 11am to 5pm.